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fifa coins Obviously into circumvention of FIFA's regulations

fifa coins A voice in the FIFA: take this Chinese football subjected to suspension or even cancellation of the membership is currently the Chinese Football Association in the world's biggest problems is the current football management center and Deputy Director-General Wei and Yu Hongchen, is appointed by the State General Administration of sport, with strong Government interference color. So far two people at the FA's or rather awkward, there is no specific status and title. Obviously into circumvention of FIFA's regulations, there is no internal elections after the Chinese Football Association, but directly appointed. "Against Croatia allegedly kicked a match-fixing in the game and the national team had 7 ' rotten apples ' allegations of ethical standards and does not represent the image of the US Soccer Federation. Although we haven't made contact with FIFA, but Football Association has entrusted the investigations into the Ethics Committee. Football Association Chairman Joseph. Offner was promised, "We reaffirm our commitment, at all costs, to solve the trouble in a short time.

Russia people apparently is has prepared and to, in all bid country in the of Supreme budget--3.8 billion dollars, will traditional football power United Kingdom, and Spain, and Portugal, block in door outside although has good of football traditional and most complete of stadium facilities, but has industry persons already pointed out that, United Kingdom bid World Cup of maximum problem out in money Shang, United Kingdom Government commitment of 5 million pounds (about collection 7.88 million dollars) of funds has also no in place of signs. One sports industry persons to reporter analysis, except United Kingdom currently of economic status poor outside, it whether can competent in 2012 London Games Hou again held World Cup, economic strength was worries and Russia not only plans by Kaliningrad, and Moscow, and St Petersburg, 13 seat city to support World Cup, while also planning by 16 seat stadium to hosted World Cup, except Luzhniki stadium, and Moscow National Stadium, famous stadium zhiwai, Russia also intends to built a new of stadium but, Russia vast plans contests across the country, traffic between the major cities is difficult. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers of long-distance travel, is a major problem for any team at all.