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fifa 15 coins the Japanese team ranked twenty-sixth in the world

mary285fy posted @ Fri, 05 Dec 2014 13:17:10 +0800 in 未分类 with tags ea tv games , 276 readers

fifa 15 coins Since Camacho became the country foot commander in chief, football's world ranking has been declining in March 22nd, the country foot will host the Asia heats second rival Iraq team in Hunan changsha. At present, the Iraqi team ranked ninety-fourth in the world, Asia's seventh. If can defeat the Iraqi team, will enhance the country foot world rankings and sub preliminaries outlet probability help Asia, Japan, Australia and South Korea queue before the three, the Japanese team ranked twenty-sixth in the world, is the last up 2. The opening 5 minutes, the German team scored, Rahm in the restricted area on the left side of curling shot into the far post into the net, angle Diao, line of perfect, and the supporting feet Rahm good suspension did not hold, it seems that the Germans more than Bremer and Hassler can play such a wicked curve, only their bodies are not high. The German team dream start, the world cup opening game for a long time not so amazing that the goal exposed defensive problems in Costa Rica, the guard line when there is no defensive pressure formation in parallel, midfielder defending mark is not tight, after losing between members of the defense is not timely, so although they back speed is not slow. But the gap is too large, so that the Germans could be in danger threatening the exclusion zone around the area easily transfer, alternation, movement. The next match, Costa Rica these problem has not improved, so although they also scored two goals, but in the face of a squeeze play Germany, Costa ricans formation was forced to 352, 532, even 451, 541 back and forth between the changes.

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