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fifa coins the second taking into account three years before FIFA's year-end rankings

mary285fy posted @ Wed, 10 Dec 2014 11:43:48 +0800 in 未分类 with tags FIFA AFC , 258 readers

fifa coins As early as after the World Cup has produced top 32, the European media to be out of the top 32 Group programme, one of the more popular way of saying, hosted by South Africa and Brazil team, Spain, and Italy, and Germany team, Argentina, England and France become the seeds together. Other 24 team again according to location divided for three document, 8 support European team all into second grade; third grade including except South Africa team past of other 5 support African team and 3 support South America team (Paraguay team, and Chile team and Uruguay team); last a document team is from Asia of 4 team, and Oceania of 1 team and in the North America and the Caribbean District of 3 support team is has such of claims, is important point is along bearing has past of World Cup game group draw principles, More to the point is the use of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and the 2006 Germany World Cup draw for the principle. More specifically, is to consider the first two World Cup matches, the second taking into account three years before FIFA's year-end rankings. The night of January 2, Beijing time, football in Qatar with the defending champion Iraq has been a closed, in-house game. The result, China rely on Hao junmin, Peng and Deng zhuoxiang scored three goals, with 3:2 winning Iraq, win the final warm-up match before the Asian Cup victory in this game was arranged in the venue for the Asian Cup, at the behest of Iraq and take the form of closed the game. GAO Hongbo arranged most of the bench play of this game, goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, guard line is Li Xuepeng, and Zhao Peng, Li Jianbin, Liu jianye; midfielder Wang song, and Yu Tao and Hao junmin, and Zhou Haibin, Bowen and striker Gao Lin 4th minute of this game is on the line, Hao junmin team took the lead.

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