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Lunizanouwen the strongest partner

Then, Rooney, Frye Fletcher Library CI Chuck three people was invited to, participate in has and Media Interactive of interview links United team headed striker Rooney not only is today activities of leads, sell fifa coins for won of China NIKE small players were Awards, while he is today in media met will Shang, most kick of people for and himself England team of old teammate Owen partner of topic, Rooney is very excited, "as the you just said, Owen is one very great of world level striker. I have and he played in the match, he is a great professional players. I think he's come means Manchester United this season up front will have a very lethal striker, "" I am looking forward to cooperating with Owen, he's an amazing guy, whether it's in front of the Cadence, the ability to grasp the opportunities are superb. In Asia game Shang, Owen has shot into has two a scored, he soon on into collective and proved has himself of capacity "while, Rooney also mentioned, for a name players for, in premier playing wants to success needs do two points," here of rhythm and speed are very fast, so you needs in this aspects do have is good, only will has success of guarantees "in NIKE arrangements of one ingenuity of scrimmage in the, Frye Fletcher and library CI Chuck respective acts as a has two support China children of five people football team of temporary coach, confrontation of results, Fletcher in command of "Fu" with 3 0Defeated Coutts Chuck coached the "cool". Awards of Rooney said, looks Frye Fletcher is has coached talent later, on related coached of topic, Frye Fletcher laugh with said himself just had put addiction, he looks forward to with, China young players can more accept high of football training, can more participate in such of game, this will helps they of growth Poland goalkeeper kucichake in NIKE of activities in the, coached team and Frye Fletcher vs, but results is not ideal, he coached of 5 people indoor football team 0 3 negative Yu Frye Fletcher coached of "Fu team" But this did not affect his heart, at a press briefing, Coontz Chuck made clear that "my season goal was to strive for more representative of the Manchester United team to play at the same time, hope that we can represent the team more victories in the new season." (Yang fan)

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