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fifa 15 coins Germany against South American side by side

mary285fy posted @ Fri, 28 Nov 2014 15:37:11 +0800 in 未分类 with tags fifa game , 200 readers

fifa 15 coins Current score, the domestic media are held to praise, the national newspaper titles given to "great" Word, is looking forward to the observer teams "dream." Ghana is third entering the World Cup finals in the history of the African teams, previously only 1990 Cameroon dark horses Senegal in 2002 and has reached such a height. As only the second team to make the finals, Ghana has now become Africa's pride and hope, South Africa's Sunday Times, looking forward to "black stars flying high", the independent newspaper said Ghana is "African pride" with the top three in Europe Spain and the Netherlands, and Germany against South American side by side, is already great glory in Ghana, but the expected degree of difficulty. However, it is even more tangled is, continued the 2022 World Cup in Qatar holding remains a problem. After the tournament's noise, the outside world's eyes will be focused Qatar World Cup and may involve incidents of bribery in the bidding process, not only for FIFA, "diufener", it will hit its authority on June 26, Brazil's largest newspaper, Folha de s. Paulo, suggests that, FIFA apparently tend to cancel Qatar host the 2022 host the 22nd World Cup qualification obtained, " FIFA President Blatter is waiting FIFA moral Committee will Yu July mid-submitted of last survey report, and will will of submitted to special Executive Committee "except hinted, United Kingdom Sunday Times also two degrees" expressly ", pointed to Qatar people, and Asia Football Federation (Xia said" Asia AFC ") Qian President Muhammad. this. HA Mann for let 2022 football World Cup settled in Qatar" to FIFA senior bribe millions of dollars ". One issue of the newspaper, and even on the front page of the Sunday Times used the term "world conspiracy" bold banner headline in the Sunday Times revelations, Qatar officials last month was the first time a response and try to avoid Qatar's relationship with Harman.

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