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fifa coins FIFA will continue to work closely with Member Associations Act to combat match-fixing

mary285fy posted @ Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:14:45 +0800 in 未分类 with tags fifa game , 264 readers

fifa coins "Announced punishment decided Hou, China FA said has according to FIFA requirements reported punishment results, according to China FA of reported situation, 25th FIFA made has expanded punishment range of decided, all involved personnel of punishment range was expanded to global range on in this year January, FIFA had announced on 2011 Korea k League bet ball case of 41 name Korea players implementation lifelong banned participate in football activities of punishment, completely ruined has these players in Korea zhiwai continues to football career career of road. For the punishment in the case of anti-gambling crackdown in China series, continuing a consistent style of FIFA, "FIFA will continue to work closely with Member Associations Act to combat match-fixing. ”。 If fans want to buy tickets through blooming international sports channels (official ticketing plan), does not want to purchase additional services, the insider's advice is: "we do not sell, also hope others don't buy it, if consumers insist on, we will also sell tickets separately, and has always been so. "Blooming international sports have a separate scheme to sell the ticket ticket. The North Green told reporters in the 2014 Brazil World Cup ticket scheme during the sales process, a considerable number of the tickets is to price itself is sold separately, not attached to any service item even if fans could be a separate official ticketing scheme to buy expensive tickets, but also face the problem of planning a trip on their own.

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